Soil Testing Sunshine Coast and Gympie

Effluent Disposal Reports
Effluent Disposal Reports Sunshine Coast and Gympie
June 27, 2017
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Soil Testing Sunshine Coast

Soil testing is imperative on the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas due to the very diverse soil types we have. Ranging from sands along the coastal areas such as Noosa, Coolum, Mudjimba and as far south as Caloundra to very reactive clays found in areas such as Nambour, Yandina or Tewantin. Lighter clays can also be found in the Hinterland areas like Maleny, Montville and Mapleton.

Prior to purchasing any block of land we strongly advise soil testing. Before any building can commence, a soil test is required as part of a building application. This applies to industrial or commercial buildings as well as residential dwellings. Soil testing helps to assess below ground soil conditions and thus facilitates appropriate designs of foundations, slabs and footings.

We recommend soil testing even in new Sub-divisions and estates such as Aura, Harmony and Peregian Breeze. You will also need a soil test if you’re planning on building an extension or deck addition to your existing residence.

Site Soil Testing Reports

Site Classification Reports or Soil Tests identify any potential problems that you may face when building. These may include soft or wet soils, fill or trees that may influence the soil moisture. Reactive clays or hidden rock can interfere with your future pool plans.

It is hard to define what constitutes a good soil and all depends on different uses. For example, a well-structured, well drained, medium pH, biologically active and fertile soil will support healthy plant growth. Having said that though, a soil that is productive and great for plants may not be ideal for building or roads. It may be a cracking clay that expands when wet and shrinks when dry. This can create numerous problems in the future for building structures.

Getting a Soil Test done on the Sunshine Coast is a small price to pay for valuable information that you can rely upon. Helping you to make informed decisions and obtain accurate pricing from your chosen builder.

Contact us today to arrange your Soil Testing – we cover all areas of the Sunshine Coast and Gympie.