Tight Access Drilling

Tight Access Geotechnical Drilling Sunshine Coast

Known for our professional geotechnical drilling and soil testing services, Ground Drill also offers tight access drilling across all areas of the Sunshine Coast with our tight access drill rig.

Are you finding it difficult to source a suitable drilling rig to complete your geotechnical site investigation on the Sunshine Coast? Do you have a site with low overhead power lines or cables, restricted access or a confined work area? Do you require drilling near a canal, swampy ground or river catchment area where you need to be ultra-conscious of your environmental footprint?

Geotechnical investigations to evaluate construction sites and confirm subsurface conditions are often required in small backyards, between buildings or at other confined sites. This is when a tight access rig is essential.

We can help no matter the reason for your tight access drilling requirements!

Ground Drill’s compact, rubber-tracked rig coupled with our skilled geotechnical drilling operators, will get your job done right - safely, efficiently and within budget.

Tight Access Geotechnical Drilling
Geotechnical and environmental drilling allows us to sample different soils to determine the different types of ground conditions on site prior to any construction activity taking place.
Tight Access Soil Testing
Ideal for sites with limited access height or low working headroom, for close proximity situations near an existing structure or for sloping sites.
Our tight access drilling rig is perfect for remote locations, inaccessible locations and sites near water.

Limited access shouldn’t limit your options - our restricted access geotechnical
drilling rig is capable of working where there is limited or tight access.

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